Treatment Strategies

Liposuction and Body Contouring

After years of experience, Dr. Sommer has conducted well over 1000 liposculpture procedures. He is using the latest techniques with emphasis on maximum safety. All operations are done in TLA (Tumescent Local Anaesthesia) and with Vibration Assisted Lipoplasty.

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A helpful link is where some co-workers of Dr. Sommer are on the editorial board responsible for assuring that Liposuction.Com provides information on liposuction that is well-balanced and up-to-date.

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Laser Lipolysis

This is a new trend that involves gentle heating of the subcutaneous tissues by a special laser called SmartLipo®. This European development is meant to facilitate liposuction surgery and make it even more gentle and safe.

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Injektion Lipolysis

For small areas of fat deposits, there is now the possibility to treat with only injection of a fat dissolving agent.

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A scientific term that was coined by Dr. Sommer.

Due to the increasing number of liposuctions there is a growing number of fat tissue deformities as a result of so called “unfortunate liposuctions besides fat tissue deformities caused by trauma, disease or idiopathic forms. As a consequence there is a growing demand for correction.

During the last years a number of minimal invasive procedures have been developed with a comparatively small risk for the patients.

Methods: LipoRepair is a treatment concept that combines the following minimal invasive procedures to correct iatrogenic or pathological fat tissue deformities:

  • vibration assisted liposuction
  • lipotransfer and liporecycling
  • liposhifting
  • training of subcutaneous tissue by repeated hydrodissection
  • subcision.

The combination of these methods often proves to be sufficient to reach very satisfying correction results when performed by an experienced surgeon.

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Botox® (Botumlinum)

One of the safest and most often performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. Dr. Sommer has more than 20 years experience with Botox®. He is co-founder and president of the German Society for Aesthetic Botulinumtoxin Therapy, a scientific society that trains Doctors how to correctly use Botulinum toxin.

Dr. Sommer has edited the first book on the aesthetic botulinumtoxin therapy both in German and English.

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Space Lift with Fat Transplant

Autologous fat transplantation is the most underestimated procedure in aesthetec facial rejuvenation. As new techniques arise, like the FAMI™ technique, results are getting more satisfying and predictable.



Hyaluronans are the most widely used injectable filler. The biotechnologically manufactured Hyaluronic acid is identical to human hyaluronic acid and needs no pre-testing like the collagen. Ideal for correction of superficial and deep wrinkles.

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Sculptra, Poly-Lactic Acid Filler

A semi-permanent filler, Poly-Lactic Acid is FDA approved since 2004. It is ideal for volume corrections where more filling is needed.

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Excessive underarm sweating is a very distressing situation that can be effectively treated with either botulinumtoxin-A injections (in the US it is called “no-sweat-Botox") or a minimally invasive operation called axillary gland curettage-suction.

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Dermatosurgery means surgery of the damaged skin, which includes clinic based processing done using local anesthesia.


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