Radiage® Gentle Skin Tightening via Radio Frequency

What is Radiage® and how does it work?

The slackening of collagen fibres in the subcutaneous skin layer is a fundamental aspect of skin ageing and the specific cause of skin laxness and fine lines. A technique that can tighten up the collagen fibres would therefore be effective in reducing the skin ageing process. This realization has led in recent years to the development of numerous systems and techniques, often referred to as “collagen shrinking”, that tighten up the subcutaneous skin layer. The Radiage® method is one of the newest developments in this field. It delivers excellent results with very few side effects, distinguishing it from the others. Utilizing a patented radio frequency system, it warms the targeted collagen fibres under the subcutaneous skin layer, causing them to “tighten up”. Radiage® yields excellent results and is extremely gentle, leaving the epidermis undisturbed, while causing the patient absolutely no down time due to prolonged healing requirements.

Who are the ideal patients?

Radiage® is suitable for younger patients who are experiencing the first signs of skin ageing (fine lines). It provides good results in facial areas that are usually difficult to treat, such as around the eyes, the upper lip and the throat.

The technique is also quite effective in treating other sagging or lax skin areas, like the stomach, legs, etc.

How is the treatment performed?

Radiage® is an outpatient treatment and does not require anaesthesia. A special cooling gel is applied to the treated area before it is warmed by the radio frequency waves. Pain is uncommon. To achieve the best results, we recommend therapy in cycles of three to four successive treatments spaced approximately one month apart.

What kind of effects can one expect?

Immediately after the treatment, the first effects are visible, but limited. From treatment to treatment during the ensuing weeks, the effects improve steadily, becoming more visible. Of course, the results vary from patient to patient, but ideally, the Radiage® treatment cycle can lead to tauter skin with a slight lifting effect.

How long do the effects last?

The effects can last up to three years, but the character of the patient’s skin determines the exact duration. However, it is possible to prolong the effects of the initial therapy with subsequent treatments before the three years expire.

Is the treatment safe and what if any side effects are there?

Radio frequency has been used for many years in surgery for various indications and has a record of safety. Elmann, the name of the manufacturer of the Radiage® device, has built and sold radio frequency devices since 1969. Only a technique that is safe could remain on the market so long. Very few cases of side effects have been observed. The most frequent side effect is skin redness, which may last for a day.

What advantages does Radiage® have over the other methods?

It is non-invasive, i.e. there are no incisions or skin damage.
It does not cause bleeding, bruising, crust or scabs.
No healing or recovery phase is necessary. Patients can continue their regular activities immediately.
The strength of the treatments can be precisely controlled and regulated.
It combines easily with other skin rejuvenation techniques.


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